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End of the Class

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This is my final post for EDU250 class: Intro to Elearning. This class has been a truly great experience. I don’t think I quite knew what to expect when I came into the class. I thought that it would be more about using a Learning Management System. Ironically, however, the course led me into a quarter which would find me further dissatisfied with the use of LMSs and more interested in the use of open educational tools.

The class was a pathway to connect me with other instructors who are looking to do the same things as I do. The reason that I started this blog was to create a repository for curriculum for film and video instructors. I still don’t think I have achieved that. What I have found however, is that instructors are out there. And these tools which we talked about in the class (Twitter, Diigo, Wikispaces) can be used to network with these instructors who have the same goals. I need to be proactive in that networking process. I can’t simply say that the tools aren’t out there for me and whine about it — I need to instead reach out to others and then with them create the tools that I find useful in the classroom, with the hope that others like me will need those resources themselves.

I want to thank Norma and Sam for being great leaders through this journey. I loved all of the individual exploring that I got to do in the class. There were a lot of great resources that I was introduced to and I am glad that I got to do it first hand rather than digested through a lecture. I also want to thank my classmates for joining me on this journey. It was great working with all of you. I don’t think I will be taking the next class (though I would really love to) because of obligations and classes at my school. I wish you all the best in your educational endeavors.

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