1. Rob

    EDUC 206: Reflection Paper


    For my final paper in EDUC 206, I have been tasked with reflecting on the past quarter and the work that I have completed in the course.  For those of you who don’t know, the EDUC series are classes taught at Lake Washington Technical College that are aimed at developing …

  2. Rob

    Disneyland and Storytelling


    Let me just put this out there and let everyone know once and for all that I am a total Disneyland nut.  And while I am not ashamed of this fact, I will also be one of the first to say that I know the reasoning behind this is deeply …

  3. Rob

    Integrating Open Resources into the Clasroom


    This week for EDUC 206, we were assigned the task of integrating copyright free or open resources into one of our classes.  The class that I decided upon was my Film Studies class.  Right now in the class, I do not use a text book.  Film Studies text books can …

  4. Rob

    My work thus far


    It’s tough to write about my own work that I’ve created in this class, because I’ve mostly been blown away by the other work that I have seen in the class.  It is truly great to see so many people putting their time into often non-required material.  I think we …

  5. Rob

    Course Favorites Thus Far


    DS106 has gone in waves for me and I am still not sure what it is.  In the beginning of the class, I remember stressing out over my first story — I was still in the mindset of I needed to do a project as outlined and I need to …

  6. Rob

    The Post Post Show – Episode 4


    Here’s the new episode of the Post Post Show.  I’m not sure what time it airs, but I just need to put it up for organizational sakes. I’m really growing to love this process of creating these shows.  Just so you know, I create all of my shows in Garageband …

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