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  1. Rob

    EDUC 206: Reflection Paper

    For my final paper in EDUC 206, I have been tasked with reflecting on the past quarter and the work that I have completed in the course.  For those of you who don’t know, the EDUC series are classes taught at Lake Washington Technical College that are aimed at developing instructor’s abilities.  I took the ...
  2. Rob

    Disneyland and Storytelling

    Let me just put this out there and let everyone know once and for all that I am a total Disneyland nut.  And while I am not ashamed of this fact, I will also be one of the first to say that I know the reasoning behind this is deeply psychological.  Disneyland holds a great ...
  3. Rob

    Integrating Open Resources into the Clasroom

    This week for EDUC 206, we were assigned the task of integrating copyright free or open resources into one of our classes.  The class that I decided upon was my Film Studies class.  Right now in the class, I do not use a text book.  Film Studies text books can be dense and expensive, and ...
  4. Rob

    My work thus far

    It’s tough to write about my own work that I’ve created in this class, because I’ve mostly been blown away by the other work that I have seen in the class.  It is truly great to see so many people putting their time into often non-required material.  I think we are all here to develop ...
  5. Rob

    Course Favorites Thus Far

    DS106 has gone in waves for me and I am still not sure what it is.  In the beginning of the class, I remember stressing out over my first story — I was still in the mindset of I needed to do a project as outlined and I need to do it to impress other ...
  6. Rob

    Dailyshoot Feb 12th

    Dailyshoot Feb 12th "Tell the story of a subject today in a photograph by photographing one specific detail of it", originally uploaded by robnyland. “Tell the story of a subject today in a photograph by photographing one specific detail of it”
  7. Rob

    The Post Post Show – Episode 4

    Here’s the new episode of the Post Post Show.  I’m not sure what time it airs, but I just need to put it up for organizational sakes. I’m really growing to love this process of creating these shows.  Just so you know, I create all of my shows in Garageband — which is the reason ...
  8. Rob

    Dailyshoot Feb 10th “Unusual Point of View”

    Dailyshoot Feb 10th "Unusual Point of View", originally uploaded by robnyland. Today I was tasked with creating a photograph with an unusual point of view. I always wanted to try the Fridge shot that you see in movies, unfortunately, it doesn’t translate as well into a still image. Have fun figuring out all of the ...
  9. Rob

    Minimalist Poster: Primer

    If any of you have not seen the movie Primer you really need to get on Netflix right now and watch it.  For the design project, I decided to do the minimalist Movie poster.  I did the poster in illustrator, because I thought it would be relatively easy to build a box, but I spent ...
  10. Rob

    Dailyshoot Feb 6th “Electical Plug”

    Dailyshoot Feb 6th "Electical Plug", originally uploaded by robnyland. Today’s challenge was to take an artistic photo of an electric plug. Once again my 50mm came in handy. The shallow depth of field gives it an almost tilt-shift like quality.
  11. Rob

    The Post Post Show – Episode 3

    Here is the track list for Episode 3 of The Post Post Show: Godspeed You Black Emperor! – “Gathering Storm” Pelican – “Untitled” El Ten Eleven – “Sorry About Your Irony” Mogwai – “Burn ...
  12. Rob

    The Post Post Show — Episode 2

    Even episode 2 of the Post Post show already aired on ds106 radio.  I have not as yet put up the set list.  Overall, I didn’t love episode 2 as much as episode 1.  But the process of creation is really fantastic.  Once again, I pulled most of my samples from  The music tracklist ...
  13. Rob

    Dailyshoot Feb 4th — “Depth”

    Feb 4th Dailyshoot “Depth”, originally uploaded by robnyland. Today’s challenge was to shoot something that has “depth and dimension”. I love this photo the more times that I look at it. Its depth and dimension work for...
  14. Rob

    Howard Gardner and Incorporating Multiple Intelligences

    Howard Gardner by The Aspen Institute A few weeks ago in my Teaching and Facilitating Learning class at Lake Washington Technical College, we discussed the work of Howard Gardner.   Gardner is a Harvard professor whose research work focused on the theory of multiple intelligences.  In the classroom, this translates into the fact that we must ...
  15. Rob

    Daily Shoot 1-31 “Repetition”

    Daily Shoot 1-31 "Repetition", originally uploaded by robnyland. For the next two weeks in ds106, we are going to participate in a daily shoot activity. While I have actually been following @dailyshoot for a while, I have not yet participated yet. That’s what I love about classes — even though I may not be getting ...
  16. Rob

    The Post Post Show

    So I just finished my first half hour set for DS 106 radio.  I love what the radio project has become, but I think about it way too much and probably devote too much time to thinking about what kind of things I can devise for it.  So, I’m telling myself that after this, I ...
  17. Rob

    Morning Bumpers

    Here’s a couple more bumpers.  One more from Freaks and Geeks and a little techno ditty I put together in Soundtrack Pro.  Enjoy! Tuba Girl Bumper Techno Bumper
  18. Rob

    Bumpers Made for ds106 radio

    It’s been a little hard to do the actual work for ds106 because all I want to do is create bumpers and programs for the ds106 radio station.  Anyway, here is a bumper that I created, incorporating some good ol’ Freaks and Geeks into it. Bu...
  19. Rob


    After completing (maybe skimming a bit) this weeks readings for ds106, one of the things that popped out to me most in terms of what defines web 2.0 is the idea of microcontent.  The matter and substance of web 2.0 is small chunks of information, that we knowingly scatter across the web in the form ...
  20. Rob

    Wading Through the cPanel

    When I started this class and bought some additional commodity web-hosting one of my projects was to redirect the content from a previous now-defunct mp3 blog/podcast —  That site was an experiment for my 26 year old self who was obsessed with indie-music and hipsterdom and at the time mp3 blogging seemed to be ...
  21. Rob

    DS 106 Assignment #1: 30 second story

    Right now I am taking Jim Groom’s open course DS106- Digital Storytelling.  I am excited for the challenges that the course will offer me.  Oftentimes as a teacher I feel hypocritical for making my students create digital media around certain parameters while I feel like I don’t rise to the same challenge.  Our assignment this ...

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