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Digital Storytelling 001: swingin party

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Listen to this! The Replacements – Swingin Party (Live)

Hunter S Thompson's adventures in technicolor.

Hunter S Thompson’s adventures in technicolor.

Just a few lines to announce that I’m joining Jim Groom’s Digital Storytelling on line open course, beginning monday January 10th 2011. This interesting experience, driven byedupunk” term creator and Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Mary Washington, is about learning each other freely (as “in freedom” and as in “we are in a crisis, I’ve got no money”), sharing knowledge and discuss about digital storytelling.

According to the kind of Internet we are living these days (very open, distributed, multiplatform, multiformat and peer-to-peer… and goddamit it should continue like this!), it seems that all of us need to develop skills for self-expression and on line communication. In addition, those of you who doing jobs that require active internet roles -journalists, teachers, marketers, directors, PRs, artists, researchers…- will apprehend some very necessary knowledge that might allow you to lead the game.

So the course is aimed to:

* Develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creative self-expression

* Frame a digital identity wherein you become both a practitioner in and interrogator of various new modes of networking

* Critically examine the digital landscape of communication technologies as emergent narrative forms and genres

If you wanna join us, you just need a computer, a good internet connection and a blog or website running in your own domain. Come along, we are open!.

PS: My apologies to my few but very rated Spanish readers who might be wondering what the fuck is going on here: I don’t usually have the time to write new stuff on this weblog and this is not what they might have been expecting… Anyway, don’t be lazy jumping my English written posts, you might learn a lot with us! Apologies to the rest of the world for my poor English, indeed.

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