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Digital Storytelling 002: The Cosmonaut

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I’ve been thinking for a very very long time (almost two minutes!) what to write about for my first Digital Storytelling curse post. After the introduction I made a couple of days ago, I’d like to get into the topic of digital storytelling writing about projects with eyes, mouth and nose.

But then I crashed with the reaility: it’s 21.30 in Spain, I’m tired as hell and I couldn’t accomplish all the tasks in my to-do list for today. I’d really like to read the posts from the rest of the course students, but I’ll cross my fingers and look for some time to do that later. Now it’s time to stop complaining and start sharing, so here it comes my very favourite project on digital storytelling.

The Cosmonaut is a film produced by independent collective “Riot Cinema” and it’s being shot somewhere in Russia right now. But reuniting the money for the film production is a success itself, since The Cosmonaut producers chose crowd founding as their model for money gathering, the entire project shifted from being a film in pre-production to a very exciting experience shared by thousand of micro-producers who not only donated different amounts of money but helped on the script writing, logo design, etc… etc.

In other words, they don’t need to be slaves of the theaters anymore, because they have already got the money from their public. So, the result of film produced by a crowd freely donating couldn’t be more open… neither it could take a biggerst profit of the transmedia storytelling ideas…

Wanna see something? here’s a teaser!

Ooops, did I said “a teaser”? Actually, there are thousand of them around the net!

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