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Assignment 1

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Who Am I?

Dearest ds106 classmates,

Please take 1 minute and 37 secs to watch the melodrama linked above. Why! oh Why! did she not just embed,  you ask?

  1. It costs $ (believe me, I exhausted all sneakarounds)
  2. When signing on for this class I made a pact with myself to explore and utilize only free, open apps and programs for our assignments. No matter how glitchy or the headaches it may cause.
  3. Have we gotten spoiled or lazy with embeds?

My name is Bethanne Winzeler. I cannot claim to be witty, clever, or well versed.  I work at Cape Fear Community College in beautiful Wilmington, NC. We are the Sea Devils.

The blog, Devils’ Playground, is dual purposed but can be expressed with one word-connect. 

  1. To connect CFCC faculty and staff with the creative instruction goin’ on round campus
  2. To connect myself with inspiring individuals.

I, therefore, have not created my own domain nor signed up with a webhost. However, I can assure you Mr. Groom and fellow ds106 mates, I have successfully done so in the past. It was my written word that lead to the site’s demise.


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