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The Infinite Terror of Blogging

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At some point in my pre-teen/adolescent past I had a website.  It was actually a geocity site, but what I remember is that it was complicated.  Very complicated.  I don’t remember how old I was or why I decided to register for a geocity site, but when I did I realized what I had gotten myself into and didn’t like it.  It required learning a new language and at whatever age I was I didn’t want to do that.  I also discovered blogging (wherein I learned very, very basic html) which was so much easier, so my geocity site when down the drain.  Ever since I’ve been incredibly intimidated by the idea of owning or maintaining a website.  And it turns out I was wrong.

For this class we were asked to buy a domain and rent server space to host said domain.  I, admittedly, freaked a bit.  Websites, according to my own philosophy, are a) expensive and b) complicated.  But I wanted to be in this class, I love the ideas behind this class, so I did it.  And man almighty was it easy.  Which of course means I messed it up a little bit (, not, but if you’re reading this, you are seeing how easy it is to actually. The weird thing is, is that I’m still ambivalent about owning a website. This is possibly because I fear turning into an all out geek instead of just being a cultural geek (which is what I am now and will admit to freely.) However I guess I will just have to overcome that fear in this class.

Edit: If you ever have an issue with having to delete root files (wp-admin, etc) here’s a really simple solution thanks to a fellow blogger:

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