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Intro & 30 second story

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About myself:

I am a Studio Art major and I am going to be graduating in May. I feel that is all I can say about myself. Well here’s my story…

It was the end of August, and all of the students were already back at school. My roommates and I had already settled in and had the apartment looking pretty awesome. It was the end of the first week back at school, and it was also my 21st birthday. I wasn’t really trying to do anything really extravagant for my 21st because I’m not really a partier in the first place. But my roommate wanted to do something special for me, and had a surprise birthday for me. A little one intimate one, which was nice because I don’t do well with large crowds. There were maybe six or ten of them, I didn’t count. We were all having a good time, talking about what we all did during the summer and eating dinner. Then it was cake time. Everyone starts singing the happy birthday song and its all good and dandy til I see the cake… it’s a PENIS cake. It had icing and candles, the whole extravaganza! I went to go blow out the candles and they take the tip of the penis and smoosh it in my face. the end.

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