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Looks like my site has launched!

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I have edited my blogs/formats/codes so that everything works just like i want it to. I am feeling pretty good about it. I think my site is up and ready and I’m ready to contribute to the course!

The most difficult part for me was getting everything on my blog template to work exactly how I wanted it to. I had to go into the theme editor and edit some of the PHP coding, which was a little hard considering I haven’t coded in PHP for a year or two.

For anyone having problems, I did the following:

1) Go to and buy a domain. All you’ll have to do is type in the domain name that you want and finish the purchase. Afterwards, you can access your account, go to domain manager, and edit the details there. Ill explain this more in step 2.

2) After buying the domain you will need to find hosting. I used castironcoding. The link can be found on the assignment page for week one. It is called CIC. After you sign up you need to wait for the web owners of cic to contact you and give you instructions on what to do. After you have the instructions you’ll need to go back to godaddy and edit the nameservers (through the domain manager) to point towards CIC so that your domain will go to their server when you access the webpage.

3) After all the is done, use the instructions to login to your cpanel (instructions can be found in the cic email that they send you). Once you login go to the bottom and click Fantastico and on the right side click wordpress, and then install. It will install it directly to your homepage so when someone goes to your website they see your blog.

Note: I chose the $10/month hosting plan from CIC. It’s really all you’ll need.

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