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working on the railroad

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While waiting for my intro video to upload to Vimeo, I came across Ryan Brazell’s post on getting ready for DS106. Last weekend I decided to bite the bullet and give this wild, but ever so awesome, idea of a massively open online course a try, despite the fact that I’ve probably got too much on my plate. I’ve already dreamed up excuses for dropping out, but I keep getting pulled back by Jim Groom’s enthusiasm (er, madness?), the lure of Gardener Campbell’s bag of gold, and all of the shiny nuggets feeding into the DS106 space. No doubt that each week is going to be a new challenge to create some room for bursts ofcreativity and reflection. This is all too good to pass up.

So here’s an intro timelapse video of my son, Dylan (4), and I working on the railroad. It’s over 30 seconds, but under 60.

super duper from Bob Cole on Vimeo.


I’ve been wanting to make something with a timelapse effect for a while now. I researched apps for my iPhone and found the Camera Plus app worked well. The app allows me to take timelapse video with up to 2.0 second interval. I tried the free Gorillacam app, but aborted because it only takes photos and the app stalled out to save the files to the photo directory, which would result in big gaps in the time lapse sequence. I’d also have to pull the individual photos into another app to string them together. Camera Plus timelapses directly to a .mov file.

I attempted to make one yesterday of my bike commute into work (the first of the new year), but iPhone, plastic baggy, and duck tape didn’t give me the result I wanted. I’ll be trying again soon though.

I decided to play with iPhone imovie for this little project well. Camera Plus very nicely synced my timelapse movie files over to the Photo directory on my phone, allowing for access by iMovie.

Editing is limited with mobile iMovie, but I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. I exported the final edit in HD 720pi and then synced my phone to iPhoto. The whole video project took about an hour. The upload to Vimeo took a while, but here we go!


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