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Web odysseys and Ulysses

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Quote from Gardner Campbell’s article A Personal Cyberinfrastructure – “(Students)– would tinker and begin to assemble a platform to support their publishing, their archiving, their importing and exporting, their internal and external information connections. They would become, in myriad small but important ways, system administrators for their own digital lives.”

The following thoughts have emerged:

In studying the design and function of our digital environments, we will discoverer how the structures of these innovations penetrate and influence our respective societies and how the social structures of those societies in turn influence and modify innovations’ original intent. This is what is modeled by the AST theory -(Adaptive structuration theory –

The interesting view in this appropriation´s technical theory is that some outcomes of the methods are part of loops: an improve loop, we do what is suppose to do but better each time following an objective; and a second order loop where we analyze what we do and how we do it providing us the ability to reconstruct the objectives, This process make us jump from one manner of experience the world to other manner. This somehow explains the quantum leaps of today´s knowledge, where there is no distance in time or place between accepted technological solutions. Let us forget the LMS´s and the supposed recreation of the Old  News Papers, they will not exist in the history of human intellect.

But whatever are the motivations to adopt and use of the structure we were given, we must narrate the path we have followed to build our cyber home. Because Ulysses became immortal when Homer described his journey in Odyssey. Based on wikipedia´s structure´s plot of the poem we can parallel themes to DS106. There is a:

  • Building the path to home when we construct our domain .
  • Recognition of  the path of resisting temptation as a psychological peril – because we may fall to the easy of tools (Blogger) and the immediatism of constructions —-Be ware of the inner sirens – your greatest weakness comes from inside you. Easily we may disguise us to interact as we please.
  • Hospitality – We procure a place to stay, a nice guest who offers food in exchange of a story.

Like Homer has done with Ulysses explorations, the Argonauts of these webs must narrate , curate and share they steps in constructing their cyberinfraestruture so the learning process will not be forgotten .

I am sure, if I will not narrate every process of enlightenment, when the construction of the first phase has terminated, I will forget how difficult it was and what different ways of building my house has molded my decision making aptitude.

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