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Assignment 1 – Copenhagen Arrest

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People watch police outside Christiania, Copenhagen

Photo by freeflo

I’ve done it. An audio slideshow about my arrest in Copenhagen during the CoP15 summit in December 2009 using some of my own images, some more from Flickr and an audio recording of myself narrating the story. It was created using a demo of Soundslides, something I saw on a journalism blog a few days ago.

It was so easy to use – simply create and upload a folder of images as well as an MP3 file of your audio and sit there and put it together. You can drag and drop the images around to place them in the right order and easily adjust their length by squeezing or stretching each image on the storyboard at the bottom (while playing the MP3, so you can set transitions in time with the audio). There’s also the option to add a caption to each image, which I did to credit the photographs taken from Creative Commons on Flickr.

So where is it?

Ah, yeah. I didn’t think to check how it would be exported, which turns out to be Flash, something WordPress can’t embed unless you host your blog yourself. Which I don’t. Yet.

Tomorrow, or most likely Tuesday considering how much I have on my plate, I’ll sort the hosting out and get this slideshow online so you can all enjoy it. In the meantime though (and if you don’t mind spoiling the surprise), you can check out the piece I wrote at the time over on my other blog.

Lesson from this: RTFM!


UPDATE: I’ve finally uploaded the slideshow. Just a note on the quality of audio; it’s poor, because I was using the mic on the front of my laptop. Hopefully I’ll eventually get a proper one.

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