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First blush on first website construction

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And so, while I am still sorting out what is what and which went where, I now have my very first personal website!  This was a tad daunting as I am one who tends to flow with ambiguity and push back with concrete instructions.  Show me, and I might catch on.  Have me read a step-by-step, not so much success. I admire those who have a facility for the technical needs of multiple digital environments and many thanks to those who have been patient enough to guide me in my quest … and that was just to select the web host!

I also have switched horses already, and titled this blog ds106, as opposed to visionsds106 … ooops.  Perhaos I can go back and re-title this blog on my site?  Any suggestions that will  clue me in as to how to do this are gratefully accepted.

My next posting, hopefully, will be the assignment for this week … a short story with visual vivacity.

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