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Blog Experimenting

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So week 1 is completed and I am almost completed with week 2. It has become more difficult this week to balance my classes but I think that is primarily due to a change in my schedule and finally getting my textbooks from Amazon and having to read a couple hundred pages of text in 72 hours. I’ve found some time to experiment with my blog and I want to share it with the class.

After reading through several tutorials, I’ve discovered how to embed youtube videos, which I know will be helpful in the future of this class. I have also discovered how to show pictures (and wrap text around them) and upload audio. At the recommendation of professor Jim Groom, I have even added a few other things to my blog:

  • Subscribe to comments: I have installed this plugin to my blog and it looks like all my readers can now check a box when they respond so that they can be emailed if anyone follows up on their post.
  • Akismet: I have updated this plugin twice but have yet to activate it because I have had no problem with spam. I am unsure whether or not it could cause a problem, and don’t want to find out unless it becomes necessary.
  • Google Analytics: I have not yet installed this but I have looked into it and plan to do it this weekend.

Things I don’t plan on installing:

  • Twitter: I don’t have any intentions of linking WP and Twitter on my blog.
  • Other: I don’t plan to install any facebook or youtube plugins, but I will embed some youtube videos in the near future.

Besides plugins, I have learned so much about my blog. I have learned how to edit the coding of blogs, how to change to permalinks, how to organize data a little better, AND how to fool with subdomains and WP links (which can be quite tricky when setting permissions). I thought about doing an About Me page with my photo but I figured it’d be useless so I decided against it. However, in this 1 1/2 week process so far, I’ve already learned soo much about websites, servers, and blog tools. Definitely a good sign!

I don’t really know how future assignments in this class are going to work, but I keep having this idea of remixing songs to form a story and embedding it in my blog. We’ll see when the “audio” portion comes.

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