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ds106 assignment 2a

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Back from the dead.

Here’s assignment 2 – a) I’ve got a bunch of plugins already installed (including Akismet, which seems to be working pretty well, and a Twitter tool) but this was a good kick in the pants to get the Google plugin going and the Subscribe to Comment plugin. I thought it was something different – an RSS feed for comments – so I added that, but actually it’s so you can get emails when you comment that tell you when other people comment after you. That’s something useful. I also added an audio plugin so when I did a Blade Runner review so I could include some awesome audio of the android creator and some terrible, terrible audio from Harrison Ford’s voice-over.

Here’s what my plugin dashboard looks like. So far my Google analytics isn’t working yet (or showing up in the dashboard, as promised by the plugin) so maybe I need to try a different one. I’ll give it a day or so to see what happens.

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