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first assignment: the animated gif

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So, the first assignment – make an animated gif out of a scene from a movie that you either love or hate.  Admittedly, I managed to not read the due date, and I did a bit of slacking before I even figured that out, but here it is.

A touching scene from the 2009 movie, The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, that I like to refer to as “that’s my lucky crack pipe.”

I’m somewhat technically inclined (i’m a Computer Science major, if that says anything), but these sorts of assignments always end up being a pain in the ass. I’ve made gifs before, but not in some time. The process is ridiculously easy, I just could not seem to find the right software.  Initially I just wanted to convert the scene straight from a video file and into the gif, but that was apparently something people wanted me to pay for, and I didn’t quite feel like pirating something I would only use once. So, after more frustration than I felt necessary, I managed to create the gif.

Initially, I wasn’t sure what scene and what movie I was going to use for this assignment.  Pulp Fiction seemed like it would be unoriginal (as a gif, not the movie), and Drunken Master is too awesome to choose just one scene.  When I thought of this movie, I knew the perfect scene to use.  That’s Nicholas Cage, playing a lead detective currently working on a multiple homicide case, smoking out of his “lucky crack pipe” with the lead suspect of the murders.  The movie is more-or-less one long drug induced bender, and this scene is at a great point in the film.

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