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…and there was much rejoicing.

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I got my animated .gif file done! It is from Monty Python’s Argument Clinic sketch, if you don’t recognize it (in which case, you should go and watch it on YouTube, because it is hilarious. In a very silly Monty Python sort of way).


Monty Python's Argument Clinic sketch

I print-screened stills from YouTube (which ended up kinda jumpy, but it’s not really too bad) and patched them together in Photoshop. And then added the words at the bottom (also in Photoshop). It was really straightforward. I also exported it with only 32 colors, so that it’s quick to upload and download, and to maximize capatability (not that that’s ever really an issue anymore). Photoshop automatically dithers and recolors for you when you choose a lower number of color values. It is really slick. Soon we won’t need artists at all.

I also got my blog up and running, obviously. That was also really user-friendly.

It’s amazing how much modern technology walks us through everything.

I actually rather like it.

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