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Assignment 2b: Personal Cyberinfrastructure

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The article brought up many good points. Building a personal cyberinfrastructure, would surely enlighten some people and make them want to engage it. The problem is, they have no motivation to. It needs to start somewhere and the place is in the classrooms where professors assign students work digitally, as the article tells. The push just needs to happen and then many other professors will follow when they hear how the students enjoy it. I believe it is a very good to get involved with blogging and creating your own domain because communication is a lot faster and professors can monitor progress much easier, along the way. It would bring the learning community together.

I also agreed with many of the points brought up in the video. In today’s society, technology has advanced so much and is constantly changing. Before when newspapers were the most convenient form of communication, people used to hear the first word of news by reading it in the morning. Now, we have the ability to communicate with in seconds. If we are capable of doing that, why not bring it into the classrooms so that students can prepare for their futures in a more efficient way. I also agree with the three recursive practices that were discussed in the video: Narrating, Curating, and Sharing. These are very beneficial in the learning process because like it was said in the video, it is very true that blogging becomes a thinking out loud process of learning. Classmates and professors can follow along every second. Furthermore, people always say that time is important for them, so by taking online classes, it saves time! Although, I definitely think that adapting this learning style might take some time because of the training that is required to make it an experience that will be worth it!

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