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Pseudo-tutorial: Favicons

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Oh, by the way, I also made myself a favicon for my website.

When I say “favicon”, I mean this thing here

They are pretty easy to make, and they snazz up your website a lot. I use Photoshop, but if you don’t have access to ridiculously expensive software like that, you can make a .png in Gimp and convert it over with something like this. Or maybe you can save files as .ico in Gimp; I don’t really know. Anyway, you want an .ico file. The kind without an alpha layer, if your software asks. (it can still have transparent pixels, but not an alpha layer)

Save your icon as “favicon.ico”. That’s what it has to be called in order to work.

Then just upload it to the root directory of whatever web page you want it to show up on.

It is very straightforward to upload files with cpanel: just click “File Manager” under Files.

I uploaded it twice: once at and once here, at

I hope this is helpful!

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