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My personal athletic saga

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If you attend Mary Washington and have never been to a women’s rugby game, you’ve missed out on greatness.

As we begin our spring season, we have many things to worry about such as fund raising, new uniforms , Nationals and so forth. ¬†I wish I could say that I’m dedicated and 100% all about rugby, but my mind is elsewhere. ¬†Lately, it doesn’t matter how much I try to stay a part of the team, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. ¬†It’s missing that shine, the appeal and most importantly, I’ve given up on proving myself as a player. ¬†My coach doesn’t teach me and so if he does play me at the position I prefer, he just judges my mistakes instead of guiding me. ¬†I’ve NEVER¬†received¬†good advice from him… okay I lie, maybe thrice. One good comment per year I’ve played? ¬†1. Kick like this (then he teaches me to properly aim) 2. Time your run 3. Don’t get sucked in. ¬†That’s seriously the most help I’ve received from him. ¬†I’ve built from my teammate’s comments, on my experience from playing… but I don’t find it rewarding anymore. ¬†I also keep getting hurt. ¬†At first I practically tore an elbow, then I had knee pains, then¬†reoccurring¬†elbow pain and most recently my rotator cuff. ¬†I should just give up and stop this nonsense but I love the team.

It’s harder to quit a team when the people you leave behind make up 14564% of your friends at school. ¬†The girls on the team are fabulous. ¬†Honestly, I would’ve have stuck around those first cold weeks (I joined in the spring season, which means January in reality) had they not been so welcoming. ¬†Some people are able to detach themselves, but they tend to already come with the flaw of commitment. ¬†Even though I remain an officer for this team, I think I should stop playing and dedicate those 10 hours that I dedicate to rugby during the weekdays to school work. ¬†Never mind¬†those entire Saturdays.

Saturday’s a rugby day.

On that note, we don’t have rugby games ’till February. ¬†I have ’till then to decide my life. ¬†The deciding factor will be my shoulder and my school work. ¬†I mean… that’s all my life is basically. Oh well…

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