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A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

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Our society today has gone through so much of a change that everything we do has basically gone digital or wireless or just about done by a computer. Whether it be for education or advancing our technology every day, it has an impact on us. Although this all over the world, technology and cyber space has a great impact on our education system and how things can be taught and used for our benefit.

So many things can be done. Our technology has gotten so advance that there can be different uses of this stuff and it expands everyday. People helping one another with different subject in different countries, different languages helping one another and building a world that one needs a computer to see. This world expands every day and we use it everyday. For example, blogging, it can be done on a computer for the world to see and through that people get ideas or make comments or even collaborate. And it can be used for school, work, entertainment, you name it. This is a big deal that everyone should see and take part because who know, anyone can add and make something new that will help millions in a future full of technology.

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