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Back to Blogging with OTM vs. iMovie

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After taking a certain course during the fall semester, I can’t get enough of digital storytelling. I’m really proud of my work in the course last semester and of the outcome of my final project and want to continue exploring concepts from the class. So, as I have time among other course and work commitments this semester, I’m going to learn and play along with the Spring 2011 semester of Digital Storytelling. I might tweak some of the assignments to my own goals and ideas along the way, as is the case below.
Week three’s assignment is to use a tool to distill points from the reading. Since I read the selection last semester, I decided to go my own route and pick a tool to tell an image story. This is the result and a quick overview of why I don’t like it:
The main reason why I prefer iMovie over One True Media is because the majority of One True Media features are available to paid members. Clips are limited to 30 seconds to users who aren’t paid subscribers. I don’t like the appearance of the embedded video with the watermarks. There are free themes available (like birthday, which adds interesting transitions between images), but I found they often pushed my clip over the 30 second mark, and I was prompted to become a paid subscriber or trim the video. Bottom line, I don’t want to use or pay for One True Media when I can use iMovie, resulting in a much better outcome (click to watch):

Jay’s Daily Routine from Megan Eichenberg on Vimeo.

I actually used both iPhoto and iMovie for the Vimeo video. I created the slideshow effect and grabbed the music in iPhoto, exported it to my desktop, then imported it into iMovie for a few tweaks.

It feels good to be blogging again!

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