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Web 2.0 and How 3 Articles Can Relate…. Creatively

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Assignment 3… Read three articles. Bummer. I’m not a fan of reading large texts of half a million words. But, I read and read and found out that I was enjoying reading about Web 2.0 and about its emergence and with it the emergence of new media used for storytelling. I feel like Web 2.0 is the reason why there is even a class like DS106. If the web had never “upgraded” there would be no ability for the storytelling we are able to do what we do tuesday and thursday nights. So I read these three articles, and was thinking, “These articles are totally relatable… How do I relate them.” I was lost for a creative way to relate them. So I was a just sitting at my desk in my room when I get a comment from Cali4Beach on two of my posts. After approving her comments I decide to check out her blog. Then I see it. In her post, she used a web app called a wordle ( to show the words most used in Gardner Campbell article. So she was my inspiration for this:

Wordle: Web 2.0

Now that I’m looking at this, it is kinda blurry, so if you want to see this image, As you can see the most used word is web, which is the main subject, how the web is changing. The “Seven Things You Should Know about Creative Commons” was also included here. Creative Commons is a big example of what Web 2.0 is. When web was 1.0, there was only copyrighted content for the most part. But with the revolution of Web 2.0, Creative Commons gave the user the ability to used public media to enhance there own Web 2.0 experience. CHECK OUT for where I got my Wordle inspiration.

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