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So I’m in a 400-level business class, and we have to create our own business and I wanted to sell hoodies/tshirts.  The images above are different color hoodies , but also it would be the same logo on a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tshirt.  Possible selling prices are 15$ for the tshirts, and 25$ for the hoodies.  Would you buy one?  I’m legitimately trying to sell these to students, professors, and so on around campus, and want your feedback.  What do you think of the color options, the hoodies, and logo?  What are your ideas?  There are 2 red, 2 navy blue, 1 black, 1 white and 1 grey.  Let me know which you like better, if you like one better than the other or what are your top 3 favorites? PLEASE LET ME KNOW.. if you’d prefer to email me, [email protected]…. I’m looking to get these for sale in February, and love to know if you want one, if so what size.

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