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    Should I or Shouldn’t I?

    You should: -take DS 106 -make sure you don’t have a tough schedule before signing up for this class (DS 106) because this is not your typical 100-level UMW class, this class requires a lot of work, it’s fun and funner if you don’t have a hard schedule.. the projects are either small and there’s &hellip Continue reading »

    final update

    Soooo my projects coming along well… dont wanna give up any details.. should be funny.. my niece is going to be the star of it.. should be interesting… the clips are coming together quite well.. editing isn’t too bad… that&#8217...

    Mash mash mash it up

    Jared and I teammed up to work on our mash-up project together, we’re flirting with the idea of the Hangover and making it serious or using possibly public service announcements to make it serious or something… i don’t know, we’...


    I just saw Martha’s comment on my video essay. I was having trouble with it in MovieMaker. Sometimes it would just go black (the video), but then the next time through it would play just fine, so I figured it was just my laptop being stupid. But it’s still messing up? I don’t know how &hellip Continue reading »

    Mash It Remix It

    After reading Melanie McBride’s article, it made me really think about how the education system is forced to limit what students do. They’re only able to allow students to go but so far with remixing and mashups and it limits the learning process. Students would learn so much more if they had the access to &hellip Continue reading »

    The Lost Canadians

    Here’s the image of my webpage.  It was kind of tough to do, but I luckily did not have any refreshing issues or losing any of my info.  I just did all the work then saved, NOT A GOOD IDEA, but I got away with it.  I am still having trouble getting the file working &hellip Continue reading »


    Anyone else feel super stressed? Just in general? Unrelated or related to this class? I’m going to put in tons of work next week on my final project, because my best friend is back on spring break and has offered to help me out, but on top of that and 3 internships… I’m exhausted… and &hellip Continue reading »

    Creative Title Here

    So my group, Clifton, Jared and I, have already finished our project, so while it’s fresh in my mind, I’ll talk about it.  We had a good time working on the project, and I know a lot of people are thinking, Bullshit.. but really, we laughed a lot throughout and it really didn’t take us &hellip Continue reading »

    Radio, An Illustrated Guide

    I thought the graphic novel was pretty entertaining.  I’m not a big reader myself or even a comicbook reader, but this one actually grabbed my attention.  I liked the way they used the comics to illustrate their points.  I thought the comic kept the topic interesting and lively, while adding suspense to the story itself &hellip Continue reading »

    Switched at Birth

    After listening to the episode of Switched at Birth (  on This American Life was very interesting.  The storytelling aspect through the radio medium made for it to be kind of confusing to follow because of all the different women’s voices being used to convey the story (Sue, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. McDonald, Marty).  The different &hellip Continue reading »

    Final Project

    I’ve been considering topics for my final project.  My first idea was to do a “Day in the Life of Myself”.. but make it completely unrealistic day,  but I reconsidered.  One of my friend’s sent me a link on “How to Tick People Off.”  There are 26 ways on there, and I was thinking it &hellip Continue reading »

    5 Card Flickr

    I decided to set out on a wonderous journey across the country.  Upon my arrival to the glamorous city of Westward, I found the elegant Westward Ho, which is a Las Vegas Hotel Casino.  I decided that, with a name like that, I’d spend my night of rest there.  After falling asleep for what seemed &hellip Continue reading »

    Story Time

    Once upon a time, I was traveling to a friend’s house from work for a New Year’s Eve Fiesta on a dark and dreary night.  I realized I needed to stop and make a purchase before arriving at the home of my dearest friend, Eliza.  So I quickly pulled into the Giant store parking lot, &hellip Continue reading »

    Success v Failure

    So, I hope this doesn’t have to be formal, because, it won’t be… so far, it’s been fairly easy trying to setup this blog and finding where to post stuff and it’s easy to see everyone’s comments (just click the link on the left that says comments haha)… but it seems kind of hard to &hellip Continue reading »


    So I’m in a 400-level business class, and we have to create our own business and I wanted to sell hoodies/tshirts.  The images above are different color hoodies , but also it would be the same logo on a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tshirt.  Possible selling prices are 15$ for the tshirts, and 25$ for the &hellip Continue reading »

    Web 2.0

    I thought the use of Web 2.0 Storytelling from the higher education section could be very useful in the classroom if professors were able to supplement their lectures with the various forms of storytelling online.  Professors can use different digital stories to help support or add to the material covered.  Also with comments available and &hellip Continue reading »

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