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reflection to end all ds106 reflections

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Well.. the final was way tougher than I thought and I ran out of time to really get it up and working.. I know it has an error in it where it freezes up for a second, but my laptop has been cutting off lately when it’s plugged in and it’ll overheat and turn itself off, so with it being 15minutes to get everything back to where it’s at, I figured I’d just be happy with what I got done. I thought the project went well, but I wish I had a lot more time and energy to work on it. My niece was fun to work with though, and for a 3yr old, she’s pretty smart and clever for her age. She even said some things that made me change up what I was originally thinking. All in all, the project was fun, a lot tougher than I thought, but it was a fun experience and a good thing for this class to think outside the box and work on something we enjoyed ourselves.

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