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Web 2.0 Storytelling

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These reading reminded me a lot about the video we had to watch. The way things are going in todays technological world, our future will be run by nothing but advance computers and using the world wide web as a tool that one will have to rely on. i mentioned that in my last blog about cyber personification, using the internet is a way or a source of communicating with one another through blogs, email, video chatting, news reports, etc. These forms of communication is growing everyday as people find new ways of expanding the internet and using it to their advantage although this might have a negative connotation. An example is the ds 106 class. everyone is participating in blogs and blogging everyday about anything, jobs, hobbies, music, sports, etc, and everyday a majority of people read them. 10 years ago no one would have imagined we would be this far in technology and now anyone has the right to write about anything and giver there opinion about things. People may hate them or like them but anyone has aright. and the bloggin is used in the ds 106 class as of means through education. It doesn’t necessarily have to be through education, although it would help millions of people around the world, but it can be used for jobs and advertising. this word of computers and internet and blogging, its only the beginning. In the future, I’m pretty sure we will all have to rely in this as outr only form of communication and interpretation.

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