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Borges´s book of Sand – a web methaphor

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Borges, El escritor Argentino, has written many short stories that can be a metaphor for the WEB 2.0.

According to B.Alexandrer and Levien paper, Web 2.0 Story telling is telling a story with Web2.0 tools.

Since I enjoy hearing stories that involve paradoxes and loop-catch22 plots,  I remember all of a sudden, the Borges´s stories that can be seen as a metaphor about the Web. In that short story,  The Library of Babel ( , the Library,  represent the infinity quality. Although we think we can count the items of a set and work statistics around it, the end can never be reach.

Effectively the WWW can grow , branching every time (added by the Users contributions),  and as the Library of Babel, in the WWW there is no central cell . Both are in constant changes, recreating itself every time we access a book, a page, a paragraph ,an image, a video or a music (via blogging for instance) because  we establish new connections and express on  it  new experiences.

What really matters for the reader in the Label of Babel or the users in the WWW is the travel trajectory, the stories read and the associations created from them. Is the Travel worthwhile ? Borges says yes, because human nature main reason for existence is the search for meaning in everything.

My Web2.0 story telling, response to the assignment3, represents a fantasy about other story, Borges´s The Book of Sand, where I could express my way of reading and interpreting it. I redone the story. Borges is not only the one who buys the book but also the one sells the book.

About the work asignment:

The  big decision and time consuming job was to pick the tool among the 50+ ways proposed. Everytime I picked a  tool , major work has been involved in putting the items (resource objects) ready to be integrated. A good open source video editor for PC is needed. I am always switching between avidemux e windows live movie. Audacity is so good and suffices more then enough , why there is no equivalent in video for PC ?

Anyway, I choose Prezi ´s application  – because I think it integrates the media in an innovative way. Although there is a proposed path to follow, the primeval timeline , the reader can Pan an Zoon whereever he likes. Travel´s trajectory is revealed after a few clicks. Saddly there is no way to integrate sound to the whole story. 

My time resources for this week are exhausted. The work had to be improved a lot, but anyway, I am satisfied with my progress. Next assignment please!

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