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Embarrassing Moment #2

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I’m going to tell you another embarrassing story that happened during my sophomore year in high school.

I was in the tennis team at my high school, Delaware County Christian School, and as usual, my team were to have a match with another school that day. It was a nice day: bright and sunny. We were all just hanging out before the game started and all of sudden, a shiny thing on the grass (see the picture above) caught my attention. I went closer to see what it was and as I was approaching to “that”, Julia (my friend from my tennis team) screamed “Don’t step on it, Ji!” (people used to call me Ji back then) Later I found out that it was an ‘used’ condom… You are probably wondering, ”Did she not have any idea of how a comdom looks like?” and No, I was oblivious of what it was and how it looked like. For whatever reason, I never had sex education from my school. Thanks to Julia, I did not step on that thing. I wonder why it was out there but things happen for a reason and it taught me a lesson: It’s always good to have a friend by your side.

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