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First “Official” Post

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Some days I wear ties and some days I don’t.  I like to appear ready for “business” at the office for work that day.  It’s like a prop that goes in conjunction with my coffee cup.  On those days that I wear ties I’ve begun to make note of investigating possible correlations between how my tie’s knot and length come out with how my day goes.  As I’m sure the rest of you zombies out there do, I too like to “push it to the limit” in the morning.  And no I don’t mean working out, I mean the snooze on my iPhone alarm.  Because I “push it to the limit” I have a very narrow window of time in my morning preparation with which to tie the tie I will wear for that day.  So I only get one shot to get it just right; not too long or not too short.

Today my tie was a little long.

Onto other things….

I viewed a pretty profound slide show on Huff Post in regards to the decline of Detroit (link and photo below).  I think the slide show speaks for itself but more importantly in regards to all of the talk yesterday and today concerning our nation’s forecasted budget deficit it brings light to not only the decline of some of America’s major cities but also brings attention to the financial health of our nation.  This is/was/were/will be the most important issue we face as a nation – fiscal responsibility.  -J-rod

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