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Let It Snow!

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Hey everyone!
Well since this is pretty much the first snow of the winter here in Fredericksburg, I decided to share a story about what I did in the snow exactly a year ago when we had that crazy blizzard. With all the snow that decided to pile up on campus, my friends and I decided that we should build an igloo! Since classes were constantly being canceled, we had a ton of time on our hands and were suffering from cabin fever. We promised ourselves that if we got enough snow, we would make the best igloo imaginable! After eating brunch at Seaco, we headed back to Alvey to get ready for our task. My roommate at the time had the idea of using her plastic drawers as molds for the ice blocks so we took them outside and got to work. It was five of us hard at work and soon enough we were getting other passerby’s to help us out as well. We had decided to build the igloo in the yard between Jepson, Goolrick, and Alvey. Surprisingly, we realized that building an igloo wasn’t that hard considering that it was the first time that either of us had built one before. We basically just filled the plastic drawers with snow, packed it, and then placed the snowy bricks side by side in a semi circle and then layered over it. Our igloo didn’t have a roof, of course, because we couldn’t exactly figure out how to do that without crushing the whole thing, but it was quite sturdy. A few hours and some very icy fingers later, our igloo was complete! After our hard work, we decided to all make some hot chocolate and sit in our proud creation. We were so proud of our igloo, that later that night, we thought it would be best to spray paint our names on it so that everyone would know who were the masters behind such architecture!
Well, I hope everyone liked the story! I thought this story would be perfect since we have our official first snow day today and who knows, we might get enough snow for another igloo! ?


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