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Why Can’t I Just Blog Like A Normal Person?

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(So the thing I was going to post last night has been moved to next week. Blame the snow.)

The second part of this week’s assignment has proved difficult for me to finish. I’ve looked through all of Cog Dog Roo’s list of fifty and I’ve tried out several of them trying to create a “Web 2.0″* story. I’ve tried and failed several times. My stories, as I tell them, are incredibly wordy and round about and have a tendency to go off on random tangents. I don’t tell straight up stories. My stories need background information and footnotes to be complete. Trying to cram one of my stories into a comic or a slide show or even on a map (which I tried several times) just doesn’t work very well. There are some straight forward stories in my repertoire but then I become impatient with the tools at my disposal and even my more straightforward stories tend to be lengthy.** Largely though, I’m just rather impatient and don’t really see the point*** of trying to use fancy tools to tell a story when I can just write it and be done with it. So this whole assignment is troublesome to me but because I want to do well in this class and so I want to be able to finish this assignment.
What I would really like to do is create a straight up podcast. I host a weekly radio show and having blogged for nearly ten years**** so I suspect I would be good at podcasting. But I don’t know how to with just my computer and Audacity. The tools provided by Cog Dog Roo don’t really help either and again, I don’t have a proper microphone (which I feel I need for some reason.) So that’s what I would have liked to have done for this assignment. And I would have talked about something. I had a number of ideas floating around in my head including last year’s spring break, why I can’t have blank walls in my room, the origin of my love of the Kaiser Chiefs, etc., etc. I don’t want to say I’m giving up on this assignment (largely because I’m sure Prof. Groom wouldn’t approve) but I think it’s one that I might have to come back to later. When I get a proper microphone or someone tells me why I don’t need a proper microphone. Which ever comes first.

*If one of the leaders of Web 2.0 is blogging, why can’t a Web 2.0 story just be a blog entry? Hmmm??
**I should clarify: When I say lengthy I mean more than a hundred words. I’m actually a very concise person which has gotten me into a lot of trouble when I write papers. This is why I believe that humans should evolve to be telepathic. It would make my life a lot easier.
***I do see the point. Refer to footnote 1 for clarification on why I “don’t” see the point.
****I was going to write about this fact (and my have actually already mentioned it) at length but found a more streamlined way to get my point across. Often what I “write” in my head never sees the light of day because I’ve forgotten what I “wrote.”

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