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1 of The 50 Ways to Retell my Web 2.0 Story

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Using the story from my previous post, I looked at one of the tools in Alan Levine’s: 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story site and retold my story with it.

The one I choose to use was #27 Bubblr. The reason I picked this one was because I was able to easily use it by using the Creative Commons search on Flickr. It also allowed me to use bubble speech, which I thought was necessary to retell my story because I felt like the pictures wouldn’t make any sense otherwise. I had a lot of fun trying to find pictures for each frame and picking the right one among the thousands.
Here is my final product:

Hopefully you can read the text! it’s a bit small. If it’s too small you can read it here; in it’s normal size: WEB 2.0 REACTION by Stacy H

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