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Clojure update

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Ok so thus far clojure has been a pain to try to get installed on my platform here at home, but hopefully it’ll pay off here shortly  enough.

I’ve had to:

Uninstall and re-install Netbeans
Download and install a shit ton of additional packets and updates for Netbeans.  Spent a couple hours finding them all.
Cry a little bit.
Try to install Maven for Netbeans.
Fail at installing Maven about 5 times.
Cry a little bit more.
Eat a sandwich.

And now I’m just working to figure out Maven.  Hopefully sooner than later so I can start coding.  I like the syntax already…it’s able to use Java libraries fairly easily (duh, you can use Netbeans to code/debug that junk).  Simple like python or java to print:

(println “Hello World”)
or (like python)
(print “Hello World”)
or (even shorter than python!)
(prn “Hello World”)
or (shorter still!)
(pr “Hello World”)
or (like in java)
(.. System out (println “Hello World”) (the .. operator gives access to java methods)

So many commands do, just about, the exact same thing.  So beautiful.

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