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New toys for ds106radio

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Alan Levine suggested an improvement to the @ds106radio twitterbot: as long as I was collecting all of this data, why not make it available via a searchable interface? Ask and you shall receive…

If you visit in your browser, it will display the currently playing song. If you’re curious (or need to know), the time is recorded in the UTC timezone. Note that all output is in JSON format, so it should be easy to feed into other applications. Copy-paste the output into here to see a more readable version.

It is also possible to search by title. Try out this: . That returns the last 10 songs that had the word “unknown” appear in the “current-song” field (which usually contains artist and title). You can change “unknown” to other words to search for them. If you want to go further back, you can append a “?start=X” to the URL, where X is some number greater than or equal to 0. For example, returns results 10-19 (yes, we’re starting from 0, not 1).

Note that I did not import any of the data I collected for the past few days. The reason is that I wasn’t collecting all of these fields up until today. But there should be lots to look at moving forward.

If I have time later this week, I’ll probably look into making  it searchable by date as well.


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