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First Story 2.0.

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Our assignment this week asked us to use one of the 50 tools found on this site to retell our first story in digital manner. This is my final product:

I finally managed to find pictures that my mom had from the flood and of the snow we got in El Paso and used the website Shwup to create my slideshow. It was really easy to do but uploading the pictures and song took forever. Once they were uploaded I simply placed my pictures in order, choose a style of slideshow, and the website did the rest. I didn’t like any of the songs they provided for me to choose from (they were far too upbeat for the story of a flood) so I used Guns N Roses’ “November Rain.” I liked the way the music fit with the pictures (especially the thunder at the beginning) and come on- who doesn’t like a little GNR?

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