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No One On The Internet Is Like Me, Guys

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During D’Arcy’s lecture this evening, we spent some time discussing the idea that no matter what you do, someone’s already done it better. This was in the context of posting on Flickr/participating in the Daily Shoot project, but, as a side note, that seems like a lesson everyone needs to learn if they haven’t already.

I’ve always suspected that I’ve never had an original idea in my entire life, but I also have delusions of grandeur that allow me to ignore these negative thoughts in favor of plowing through life as if I’m the only person who’s ever been this awesome.

Generally I have the luxury of not having to see these same ideas that, just hours before, I’d thought were my own special little brain snowflakes posted by someone else. Which is to say, at the exact moment that I was setting up and executing my interpretation of today’s Daily Shoot prompt “fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today,” David was doing the exact same thing.

I'm so clever and original. No one on the Internet is like me.

I spent most of this afternoon flipping through the Daily Shoot gallery of projects that had already been done today, making sure no one else already posted my hyper-literal interpretation of the prompt (I thought of it sometime during the million hours I was on campus, but I knew I wouldn’t be back home to actually do it until 9 or 10, so I was nervous someone would beat me to it), because I couldn’t handle the idea of uploading something like this if others had already done it.

Luckily no one had yet posted what I thought for sure had to be some next level thinking, so I got home, got the picture done and then broke into my Tuesday wine stash and watched Pretty Little Liars because it’s a school night and we should all be so irresponsible.

Well, Pretty Little Liars ended (It’s getting really intense, you guys) and I decided to check up on my Google Reader. To be honest, I was only checking to see if my favorite non-ds106 blogger had updated her riveting dating & lifestyle blog (WILL N FIND TRUE LOVE THROUGH ONLINE DATING? A OR J: WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE? I NEED TO KNOW!), but no such luck, so I decided to check out what was going on in ds106 land.

Although the lag between actual posting time and ds106 site display time makes it difficult to know for sure

David's interpretation of this prompt: a subject (the Queen's) in a picture frame.

(I’m almost positive that there are ways to know for sure, but I can’t be bothered), it appears that David had the same idea around the same time as I did. Based on how close our pictures are to each other on the ds106 Flickr feed (perhaps these are just randomly generated, but I assume they are in order of when they were uploaded), we even uploaded our photos around the same time.

How great is that? I mean, part of me wants to be disappointed that I wasn’t the only one who had this idea, but it’s also really awesome to see that someone, who’s essentially a complete stranger, and I were thinking the exact same thing and the exact same time. Also, both of our dads are lawyers. He attributed his father’s profession to his thought process behind this shoot. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s definitely interesting.  Do you think this is like The Parent Trap? David, do you think we’re twins who were separated at birth? Can I be the British one? Is this creeping you out a little or a lot?

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