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Quite the day

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How I knew yesterday was off to a bad start:

I had to sit perpendicular to how one would usually sit in order to utilize the facilities. ¬†This was at the dentist’s office I had to go to out by Charlottesville (a 70 mi drive from Fredericksburg). ¬†But the day had only begun.

Luckily, the dentist had a good, steady hand, and administered the novocaine in just the right spot, so I didn’t feel a thing as he did his work. ¬†After the work was done and we filed some paperwork, I was off on my jolly way to go back.

The Army had mandated that I get some medical work done on Monday (hence, the dentist), and my next stop was a full eye-exam, minus dilation.  Unfortunately, that meant a trip up to DC, and I had already driven 140 mi. for the day.  I figured that I would be smart and head up for the appointment early, have some time to spare, get some lunch in the city, and look around a bit.  I was dead wrong.

I headed north on I-95 and I was coming up on the interchange with 395 and 495.  Directions said to take 495.  I was supposed to take 395.  Went about an hour out of my way.  Sucked.  Even with the setback, I still had enough time to make it to the appointment on time, just no time for a snack or anything.  I was within about 10 blocks of the location when I got a nosebleed.

But I, unfortunately, did not have any tissues in my car. ¬†I stuffed sticky notes up against my nose to try to catch the blood. ¬†Didn’t do much.

I found the place finally, and needed to pay for parking.  I HAD NO COINS.  So I walked into a gas station holding  my nose and trying to get change to pay.  That was a pain.  After I paid, I got to clean up a bit, and take that picture, in the bathroom.  Made it to the appointment just in time.

I about died 3 times on the drive home afterward. ¬†People can’t drive for shit. ¬†I just missed the afternoon craziness that is DC rush hour traffic. ¬†How I know I missed it: ¬†there was a car wreck that took place about 20 ft behind me just as I was passing mile marker 150. ¬† My first sign of luck for the day.

I drove about 350 mi yesterday.  You may not count this as repetition.  If so, go to hell.

fuck my life

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