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Daily Shoot 2 and 3

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For the second day of my daily shoot we had to fill a frame. I didn’t think much of what to take a picture of and decided to just use my glove. So I just took a picture of it and then cropped it so it fit the frame. These are really warm gloves and I love the colors.

For the third day we had to do something we thought was “newsworthy” and I really had no idea what to take a picture of. I was thinking maybe a picture of the TV on CNN or something but then the situation presented itself. Today at school there were people marching on campus and the police were kind of just watching over them. So, I took a picture of the Police. Funny enough, there were actual news people there taking pictures too. Sadly, I was on my way to class and I couldn’t see what they were marching about but I got a shot of the police real quick and thought it was appropriate.

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