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Crashing My Site

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I crashed my wedding blog today because I tried to add a password plugin.  I wanted the entire site to be password protected, but this plugin must not have been good.  At first, I freaked out that my site was completely gone.  Then, I troubleshooted.  Here is how to fix a crashed site if this happens to anyone else, and this website helped me figure it out.

1. You cannot get into admin area when it crashes so you must go through c-panel to delete the bad plugin.  Just type c-panel after your website name to get there.

2. In c-panel, under files click file manager.  Then go to document root and select which subdomain has crashed.

3. Then, you need to look around for the plugin folder. Mine was under the subdomain name and then wp-content.

4. There should be a list of all your plugins in this folder.  I deleted the bad password plugin and my site is now working again.  However, the website that helped me goes into much more detail about how you need to rename the plugins folder and create a new directory.  I would say that if your site doesn’t work after deleting the plugin, try to go through all the steps that I linked to above.

I’m glad it is working again and now I will try to find a better password plugin.

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