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The Hero’s Journey Part 3: An Endless Fall

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Ok, following the Adventure stories Part One by Tempy and Part Two by MauveShirt (seriously, read them first ^_^)

Canaan Valley
Immediately I was blinded by the bright light. Then it went dark. Something lurched from under me and I was falling, falling, and falling…. I was falling so fast and so long. My arms began to feel cold, then numb. I was still falling. When will it end. Gradually I feel my eyesight returning. Or has it? It is now completely dark. but I feel myself falling faster and faster, I don’t know when it will end. I have been falling for ages now, I just want it to end. All of it to end. I close my eyes and feel my mind begin to drift away towards the realm of the impossible. Or am I already here? Surely I cannot continue falling…

Then cold! And Fire! And sharp pain! My limbs came back to life, I woke and found myself in an ethereal forest. The sky had a pinkish hue, as if it was always dawn. I took a deep breath and realized the air tasted oh so sweet! Where was I? Surely I am still falling, this must be my own fantasy!

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