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The vital role of business storytelling

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“The shortest distance between two people is a story.”  Although related to storytelling I think this article places more of an emphasis on effective corporate/business communication.  That emphasis on effective communication methods in the corporate world is not really surprising to me; I see it quite often actually.  The article goes on to detail these effective methods in storytelling applied to the corporate world in regards to management and leadership.  Knowing that alternate methods such as relatable storytelling are also tools that can be used by managers to not necessarily persuade, but rather demonstrate potential, help illustrate the possibilities in achieving company goals.  Using a story can create a “pull” effect on people as opposed to a “push” effect.  The correlation between these ideas and methods is explained in differing points of view regarding manager-subordinate relationships.    Will someone be committed to a horrible workplace environment if working under ideal management conditions, or is it the opposite?

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