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Daily Shoot- The Dark Side of Plugs- February 6, 2011

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The dark side of plugs; what you don’t know about plugs. They can electrocute you. Truth is, when I was a kid I would have a recurring two layer dream (Invictus Reference). The first dream, I would find myself staring at a plug in a dark room. My head gets closer and closer to the plug. Then suddenly I get shocked and “wake up.” When I “wake up” I am staring out of two holes at a young boy. The young boy is me and I am stuck inside of the wall. I struggle and try to kick open the plug casing. Then the wires grab me and pull me into the darkness. Then I wake up. Pretty freaky.

I took this picture with my phone, with flash on. I used Google Picasa to change the color of the photo and make it more hell-like. Because those nightmares were hell.

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