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Did You See The Sky Today?

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Walking to my 6:00 class, I found myself muddling in my own thoughts, pondering unimportant things, mulling over small troubles. When I walk and think, I look at the ground for concentration. So, I never really looked up, walking from my apartment, til I was on the bridge crossing over Jefferson Davis Highway. Something made me stop, it could have been a whisper of wind. I looked up at the sky and here is what I saw:

Pretty crazy huh. It was funny, that at that moment when my eyes met the swooping colors of the sky I thought to myself. “Holy hell, I am so unimportant in the scheme of life.” That might have been one of the most depressing thoughts I have ever had. But it started me thinking.

And think…

And think…

And the thought:

We are so small. Why are we here? Everyone does what they want and follow their own aspirations. How does it come together? Why does the sky bring these thoughts? In the scheme of things, I am smaller than a spec of dust, smaller than the dust mite that is found on that spec of dust, smaller than bacteria, smaller than an atom, and the subatomic particles within (and thats the extent of my Biology knowledge). We are so small in the scheme of things. Whatever the higher power is, he/she/it worked really hard on this place we call home. The higher power is like a collector of small figurines, delicately painting and gluing us together. Its mind blowing.

But, I was snapped back to reality when I almost got run over biker. Back to the real world of fickle things. I walked to class feeling like an old man.

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