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For that old fashioned taste…

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… know, that taste of cocaine in your soda dummy.  Well I had that thirst today; with the stress of work and school building up over the past few weeks this urge was bound to come along.  So, I went to see my friend James the chemist who just happens to be from  England and stocks old coca-cola.  Unfortunately though James was all out of the cocaine coca-cola I so desperately needed.  I knew there was only one way to acquire what I was searching.  Yep, you guessed it. Time Travel.  I quickly gathered all of the essentials: ray-bans, power cord for my mac book, headphones, a portable hard drive and a really old type writer in case I needed to write historically accurate documents in the past as to not potentially disturb the space-time continuum.  Alas, I arrived in the days of Cowboys vs. Indians and finally got what I needed; a refreshing coca-cola classic, cocaine coca-cola classic that is.

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