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Four Icon Challenge

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Guess the Movie

Can you guess the movie?

Here are your hints:

  1. Black urn with silver studs on the edges
  2. Love Letter(s)
  3. 3 Best Friends
  4. Irish flag

Any guesses?  Well if you thought P.S. I Love You starring Gerard Butler opposite of Hilary Swank, you were correct.  I shall explain.

The black urn with silver studs represents the urn that Holly (Hilary Swank) makes for Gerry (Gerard Butler).  If you’ve never seen the movie, I will ruin it for you by telling you that he dies at the beginning of the movie and the film retells the story of how they met and how Holly is coping with everything.  Not only does it show her love, but the urn also shows her creativity and talent and foreshadows her ultimate profession at the end.

The letters, where to even begin with the letters?  It all starts on Holly’s 30th birthday, when the family forces Holly to re-enter the real world and she receives a huge birthday cake with a prerecorded tape from Gerry and a letter from him.  The letters keep coming through the movie, each with new instructions and more memories.  Although it was something that he had planned prior to his death, the letters are ultimately what help Holly move on and face a new day.

The best friends represent Holly, Denise and Sharon.  Denise is probably my favorite because she’s crass and has a way with men that most women don’t.  I will always remember her blunt way of meeting men, “Are you single? Are you employed? Are you gay? What’s my name?”  As for Sharon, she’s married to Gerry’s best friend and Holly feels jealous of their relationship now that she is widowed. However, together they maintain a strong bond that keeps Holly’s feet planted firmly in the real world.  They’re supportive at all times and understand that their friend needs a little push to move forward from the loss of her husband.

The Irish flag represents such a huge role in the movie.  To sum it up pretty quickly, Holly and Gerry met in Ireland, a country he left to come back to the states with her.  In one of the letters he tells her about a trip he has planned for her and her best friends to go to Ireland, where she ultimately meets his old best friend, William, and has a sexcapade with him before realizing who he is.  She also gets to talk to his parents and find a lot about her best friends, things she had missed out on when she secluded herself from them.  By the end of the movie, once she’s been able to recover from the pain, the loss and everything that comes with it, she takes her mom to Ireland.  In the end, we see her put a smile on her mother’s face with this trip and we see her cross paths with William again and they quote the lines from when Holly and Gerry first met.

Why did I pick this?  It’s my favorite movie.  I am not a fan of romantic films, I don’t like chick flicks… but this one movie makes me cry every single time and I can’t help but love it.

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