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Thoughts about the final project

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Hey everyone!
Ok, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do for the final project and I have a few ideas, I just don’t know if they’re the right one. I love movie editing, I just don’t know exactly what movie or clips I would be dealing with. I don’t know if to make my own video because I still don’t have any ideas on what it would be about. I could just edit an already existing movie but I don’t know what I would add or take away.
I thought of making a tutorial which I think would be cool but I don’t know what I would be giving a tutorial on…I’m not an expert on any specific computer program so that would be something to think about.
Another idea I had was to create a podcast (I don’t know if that’s complex enough for a project) and I thought that if I did do a podcast, it would be all about Guatemala since that’s where I’m from/live.
I also thought of creating a youtube account and submitting a series of videos except I still don’t have a theme that I would be doing the videos on.
The bottom line is that I have a couple of ways to do my project but I just really don’t know exactly it would be about.
Let me know if you guys think of anything! :)

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