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Visual Assignment: Stories Written in Windows Media Player

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As soon as James and Kyle set foot on the warm, Saudi Arabian soil, they knew that they next few weeks were probably going to be the best weeks of their lives. Convinced that they had chosen the right country to study abroad in, they proudly made their way to the bus station that would be taking them to their hotel.
Dude, you don’t know how interesting this trip is going to be! I can’t wait to explore the culture and everything this place has to offer!” exclaimed James with a huge smile on his face.
“Yeah…” agreed Kyle except he seemed to be somewhat distracted. Noticing his friend’s lack of enthusiasm, James decided to find out what was really the matter.
“You know Kyle, you’ve been really quiet ever since our plane took off. Is everything ok, bro?” James asked with concern.
“I just…I don’t know, I just wish that Stacey was still my girlfriend, you know? I mean, I honestly thought that we would last forever but I guess nothing does, right James?” Kyle asked as his eyes began to fill with tears.
“That’s crazy, man, you and Stacey weren’t really right for each other, that’s all. You two were just really different people. Trust me, you’ll find someone who’s perfect for you and you’ll be perfect for her. It’s just a matter of time. But in order for you to be able to find that special someone, you have to learn to move along; forget about the past and start fresh, that’s why we’re here,” said James in a thoughtful manner.
“I guess you’re right,” said Kyle slowly. He paused and then added, “Here’s the thing though, Stacey was the first girl that I had ever had strong feelings for. I just knew that she was the one. How do things go wrong with the person who you know is the one? Do you know what it feels like to be that confused?”
Starting to lose his patience, James continued, “Look, calm down bro, I feel your pain but you have got to quit this grieving. It’s the only way to feel better. Let’s be real here, you’ve never had a problem getting any girls. For all we know, you might find your soul mate right here in Saudi Arabia! Imagine falling in love with a bellydancer wearing a lace and leather outfit! Look dude, we have got to upgrade you to a beautiful girl because in all honesty, there are a lot finer looking girls than Stacey. These next few weeks are going to be the greatest time of year and we need to experience them to the fullest!”
Kyle thought to himself for a second and then said, “You’re totally right James, I’m sorry I’m acting the way I am. I just wish I could be more like you bro, with a successful relationship and everything. You have a beautiful dirty rich girlfriend who you’ll probably end up marrying and I’ll probably be the one with a virtual diva as a girlfriend. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love college but it’s just so much pressure. So much pressure in academics, relationships, and in just being a well-rounded person. Sometimes I feel like a wounded animal in a gangsta zone. How do you manage to do everything so perfectly?”
“Well, first of all it’s gangster and second of all, I am no where near perfect. I just have a positive outlook and that usually makes dealing with all the harsh things in life a lot easier. You know, I’ve heard people say that Heaven is a place on Earth, and although that is something kind of too optimistic to say, it really got me thinking. We can make our lives as great as we would like. It’s all a matter of perspective. I’ve learned that meditation is also something really helpful because it gets you to focus on what’s important in life and on how to focus on yourself. Personally, when I meditate I get the sensation of being as careless as a butterfly and as light as paper planes. Of course, I have my dark moments too when I’m also just so upset with life, I literally crack a bottle just to let my anger out. We all fall, but what matters is picking ourselves back up. You’ve just got to get that dirt off your shoulders and go forward in life without looking back.” At this, James was tired of talking and hoped that he had somewhat helped his friend have a different outlook on his situation. He turned to Kyle for the first time since he finished speaking and saw him smile for the first time in several hours.

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