The Syndicate Takes Mary Washington by Storm.

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Tonight in class were were challenged to accomplish two assignments in a span of two hours as a team- Michael, Eunice, Molly, Marcey, and I. First task was coming up with a team name- The Syndicate. We choose this because all of us are different majors and we thought it fit (kudos to Michael for coming up with it!) Second was to choose a secretary and a team leader- Mike was the secretary and was in charge of tweeting the night’s events and I am the leader so I’m posting this on my blog. The two challenges we decided to tackle were the Tableaux Vivants and Story Cards.

Story Cards: I’m Never Calling Him Back (A First Date Gone Wrong)
– Characters: Librarian and Engineer
– Location: UMW Classroom
– Situation: First Date

So i saw this engineer and I couldn’t help but fall into his deep brown eyes. He was working on some sort of complex computer algorithm and I interrupted him for a break. We chatted over coffee and had a delightful conversation. When our little date was all over, I passed by a mirror and saw his face staring back at me. I realized that I was engaging with my alter-ego.

Tableaux Vivants:

Original: It’s a Wonderful Life.


Original: The Sculpture Gallery


I really enjoyed tonight’s class. I loved the pressure- it made the creative juices really start flowing. Our group was awesome and thought on their toes. I’d love doing another assignment like this.

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