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Last design assignment before we start what I think will be my favourite section of the class: audio.* It’s a mix of Tim Owen’s “The Big Caption” assignment and “The Big Hip Hop.” See, I did what I thought was “The Big Hip Hop” without reading through all the instructions. Instead of picking a song from the Top 100, I picked a song from my collection that I thought fit the photo.** So I’ve put this under both assignments because technically what I created doesn’t really fit either but is in the spirit of both. This was created at Picnik using a photo from the Big Picture. The song is “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai from the Center Stage soundtrack.*** Enjoy!

*Three and a half years on the radio, 11 years playing the clarinet, singing since forever, and I’m a music major. There’s a reason I consider myself an audiophile.
**Though I’m sure I could find a Top 100 song that would fit the photo just as well if not better. In fact, from the Top 10, Katy Perry’s “Firework” would work (and I only know that song because of Glee don’t take my hipster accreditation away from me.)
***Before I realized I like chocolate and am always going to be 5’10″ I wanted to be a ballerina. Nine years of ballet classes prove that fact. And I still like that movie and I still really like the soundtrack.

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