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Just A Reflection

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Just taking some time here to do and update on my course progress in a reflection-style post. This is not to be confused with my visual design reflection coming later this week.

I really like this course. But, at first I was a little misguided — a fault of my own — regarding how this course works and operates. I think I was actually taking it TOO seriously. When I relaxed a little I found that this course can be a lot of fun, once a student turns the “work” outlook into a “participation” outlook. It reminds me of that quote “involve me and I understand.”

I like how this course really teaches us how to take full advantage of all the Web 2.0 options out there. I am seriously much more informed about how to participate online. I thought I knew it all already, turns out I didn’t. I’m ready to keep learning though.

Looking forward to the audio section!!!

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